Triple-A Sales Enablement: How to Drive Adoption of Mobile Sales Enablement Tools

sales enablement drive adoption of tools.jpgIt’s 2017 and, regardless of what one thinks of current events, we all have jobs to do, deadlines to meet, numbers to make and expectations to satisfy. And in the world of sales and marketing operations, it seems the expectations are endless. #Bigger. #Better. #Faster. #More. #IWantItRightNow.

A recurring theme we hear is: “How do I get my reps to adopt xyz?” Accompanied by a deep, resigned sigh, the question is rhetorical, poignant and illuminating. Companies have spent hundreds of thousands – in many cases, millions – of dollars deploying and/or building systems of engagement (CRM, Marketing Automation, etc.) their reps won’t, don’t or can’t use. Adoption rates (# licensed reps / # individual ID logins past 7 business days = adoption rate) typically hover in the 20% range. Which means 80% of licensed users are NOT USING the systems regularly. This is a gigantic case of unmet expectations. Why: Apathy? Aggravation? Antipathy?

We believe these systems fail because they neglect – and do not serve the intended user – the rep. The systems have archaic workflows, data structures, security and identity management, and provide abysmal user experiences. So bad, reps CHOOSE not to use them. They provide the reps little to no utility, force reps into “data entry” mode, and require reps follow specific, inflexible workflows.

One hears statements such as: “I don’t really care what they want me to do; I do my own thing (apathy); I get so frustrated by the system, nothing works the way I need and I can’t find anything (aggravation); I HATE, HATE, HATE this *@&$ system; whoever picked it should be fired (antipathy)!”

Okay. So then, how does one deliver high adoption rates, rates above 80%?

I spoke recently with mobility researcher Maribel Lopez and we discussed this specific issue (she encouraged me to write solving it); we talked about three key attributes that drive adoption – by appealing to and serving the user:

  • Accessibility
  • Availability
  • Adaptability

My next three posts will cover each in detail; stay tuned. Meantime, today’s question is: what is your adoption rate; should you care?

Posted on January 10, 2017 in Mind of Jeff Gaus by Jeff Gaus
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