3 Take-Aways from MedForce 2016

MedForce.pngWe just returned from Minneapolis where we sponsored WBR Research’s inaugural MedForce event. WRB has a history of successfully leading Pharma through the integration of marketing and selling activities into cohesive commercialization efforts; Prolifiq and several other sponsors believed it time for the MedTech industry to have its own event focused on commercial integration.

The event was a success – there were over 100 attendees, representing both marketing and sales and a smattering of us vendors and consultant thrown in for good measure.

The format is highly engaging—most speakers are afforded 20 minutes. Enough time to get salient points across and the short time slot requires one stay focused. The panel discussions are afforded 45 minutes and provide plenty of time for provocative interaction with the audience.

Also, each day incorporated round-table discussions. These are intimate, extended conversations with the individual speakers for the day; this setting affords the in-depth peer conversations we all covet. It is the one thing almost all attendees asked to be expanded.

Key take-aways for me:

  • The MedTech landscape is vibrant – lots of innovation happening in small and mid-sized companies; plenty of M&A activity to drive change.
  • The commercial landscape is changing radically – commercialization models require coordination and collaboration between marketing, key account management and field sales.
  • Content and messaging needs to evolve – most marketers believe their messaging does not meet the needs of their customers.

If challenges represent opportunity, then opportunities are plentiful for the brave and resourceful. I look forward to next year’s gathering so we can gage progress.

Posted on June 21, 2016 in Being Prolifiq by Jeff Gaus
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