Conformity is Not Competitive

In recent 1:1 conversations with life sciences CEOs and countless VPs and Directors at conferences and exhibits, I’m heartened by the focus on the patient. In fact, in a recent Adaptive Fulcrum survey, 97% of life sciences employee respondents indicated improving patient outcomes was extremely (76.7%) or somewhat important (20.0%) to them. For them, this (continue reading)

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Patient Outcomes: Wellness as a Service

I returned last week from co-chairing ExL’s Digital Marketing for Medical Devices conference and exhibit in Minneapolis with Medtronic’s Scott Klein. This was the 5th annual, and arguably the biggest and best exchange of ideas in the medical devices marketing community (so far). Jayson, Caroline, Sarah and the eXL folks are to be commended for (continue reading)

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The challenges facing today’s Pharma marketers today are abundant. The Affordable Care Act and the Physicians’ Sunshine Act continue to reshape the marketing landscape and with the advent of new digital channels, Pharma faces an increased complexity in routing information correctly within the organization. Here are three keys to closing the loop in multichannel marketing: (continue reading)

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4 Sales Enablement Best Practices for Pharma & Med Tech Marketers

When Pharma and Med Tech began their digital transformation, many predicted these new channels signaled the decline of the sales rep. Digital did change the sales-provider relationship, but for the better. Digital didn’t replace sales reps; it’s augmented them. The benefits and nuances of face-to-face interaction still remain a critical part of any drug or (continue reading)

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Pharma Field Reps: Orchestration

It has been interesting to watch the evolution of the digital pharma conferences and vendor events over the last several years as many have focused on the “death of the salesperson” – something we’ve been talking about for years and how it would be replaced by “digital” and non-personal promotions. Recently, there has been a shift (continue reading)

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Team Based Selling: me to you vs. us to them

Several presentations at the latest life sciences conferences (ePharma summit, eyeforpharma Barcelona, Digital Marketing for Medical Devices and Digital Pharma West) have focused on the changes affecting the field reps and commercialization activities in general and Key Account Management (KAM) specifically. As, Matt Portch of Pfizer told audiences in Barcelona and Philadelphia, KAM activity has (continue reading)

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Red Herring: On legends and purpose

Last Tuesday, I was in San Diego with approximately 250 of my peers for the final step in the Red Herring Top 100 North America competition. This was the culmination of a 3-stage, 8-month process…more on that later. I heard legendary VC Ray Rothrock of VenRock speak; wildly successful as a VC, he retired in 2013. (continue reading)

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Closed-Loop Marketing for Pharma: Putting Your Data to Work

Drug companies today suffer from information overload. While sales forces are armed with the latest technology, many companies fail to harness the information these tools generate. By failing to analyze information from its customers, the industry not only mis-serves their customers, but they are not good stewards of their knowledge and medicines. Today’s commercial teams (continue reading)

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4 Types of Digital Content to Boost Medical Device Sales

Medical device companies continue to transition their sales aids from paper brochures to virtual tools, but reps need to embrace these tools to make them effective in the new business reality. Buying decisions are being taken out of the hands of surgeons and increasingly, hospital administrators and health systems’ group purchasing organizations (GPOs) are the (continue reading)

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2 Keys to More Actionable Data in Pharma Marketing

The decline in face time with physicians has created a host of challenges for Pharma. One of the most common is capturing limited interactions with prescribers and building on those touchpoints in a meaningful way. When you compound this obstacle with brands requiring more mature multi-channel strategies, it puts enormous strain on sales and marketing (continue reading)

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Recap from eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015

Last week was my third eyeforpharma Barcelona conference in Barcelona, Spain. Kudos to the entire eyeforpharma team for an excellent conference. Marketers in other industries have already learned their customer is in charge; now Pharma realizes it and is adapting. From keynotes to session tracks patient-centricity resonated throughout the conference and the patient/physician panel was (continue reading)

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5 Ways to Assess the Gaps in Closed-Loop Marketing for Pharma

Since 2011, pharma aggressively pursued closed-loop marketing (CLM) as their main promotional marketing activity. CLM technology enables reps to deliver compliant, scripted content to healthcare providers (HCPs) from tablets. Conceptually, closed-loop marketing for Pharma is supposed to collect data about each physician’s interaction giving brand marketers insight so they can refine their marketing strategy. A (continue reading)

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PharmaVoice Webinar Recap: Increase HCP Engagement with New Digital Sales Strategies

The Pharma sales model is changing and reps find they get less face-to-face interaction with customers. As a result, both marketers and reps need more digital tools in their arsenal to engage customers. Our own Jeff Gaus and Jon Brooks shared our perspective last week during a PharmaVoice webinar Increase HCP Engagement with New Digital (continue reading)

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5 Ways to Rethink Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies

Marketing is undergoing a major digital transformation. When people have a problem they turn to Google to find their answers. There is so much ‘digital noise’ it’s very difficult for marketers to build brand awareness. As a result, it’s changed how people buy and how companies market their products. Unfortunately, pharma marketers are lagging behind (continue reading)

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2 Ways Mobile Sales Enablement Increases Life Science Sales Reps’ Productivity

Previously I wrote salespeople only spend 1/3 of their time selling because a majority of their time is spent on administrative, non-selling tasks. This data comes from Docurated’s infographic and it’s loaded with very revealing data and statistics (in the previous post) of how sales people spend their time. While it’s focused across industries, we (continue reading)

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